How You Can Help

Thank you for your interest in supporting my push for change in Maple Ridge into a second term. Please read below and see if any or all of the ways you can help appeal to you personally. And remember, the #1 thing you can do to show support is to show up at the voting booth and VOTE Corisa Bell on November 15th!


All campaign donations will be used to expand my advertising budget allowing my campaign to be more successful. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

Donations will be arranged with my campaign manager and/or financial agent.


For donations of $50 or greater I require your name and mailing address. If you are a business or organization donating more than $100 the name of two directors or principals are also required. Note also that all campaign donors are open to public inspection through the District of Maple Ridge.

How To Contribute


Contribute to Corisa Bell's Election Campaign

Checks can be mailed to:

Corisa Bell Election Campaign
Rebecca Awram, Financial Agent
Box 21144 RPO Square
Maple Ridge, BC Canada


At the time of the election I’ll happy to provide you materials to help promote my campaign. Please sign-up to the mailing list using the form in the website footer and I’ll contact you at election time or call me right now at 778.861.9477.

Lawn Signs

My lawn signs can be placed in your yard or business and is a great way to show your support.


Show support by putting posters in the window of your business.


Our classy yet distinctive buttons can be worn around town and/or to specific events.

Social Media

Please Tweet, Like and Share this website to your social media network. We’ve added a SHARE control panel to the right on each page so you can easily share whichever pages you wish.


Talk, talk, talk!

Talk to everyone you know and encourage them to get out and vote! Also let them know that they don’t have to pick six councilors when they do vote – they only have to select the councilors they want to vote for – this helps the selected councilors greatly.

Get Involved!

If you are able to hand out buttons, manage booths, hang up posters, put up lawn signs, and/or door knock on business and/or residential houses, you would be a huge help.

I Need You!

My campaign relies on assistance from great people like you and I would truly appreciate your help. Please contact me if you are even considering getting involved and I’ll be happy to talk to you and discuss how you may be able to help in whatever capacity you are available for – large or small.

Thank you!

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