Corisa’s Platform

Imagine a government that works for you.

When elected in 2011, I promised to fight for you, hold the government accountable and direct the functioning of the government to serve your interests. I’ve represented citizens against the status quo and continued to ask the tough questions about how your money has been spent.

The property tax increase was lowered, the government has been made more transparent and an environment for change has been created. Now it’s time to finish the job.

As a Councillor this past term I devoted myself to engaging with the public, further educating myself on the issues and making many of the connections necessary for a new council to execute a new vision. The issues of Maple Ridge have become abundantly clear.

We need a vision and plan for the community to:

  • Lower property taxes
  • Take a pro-active approach to foster business for local shopping and jobs
  • Improve services and transit
  • Address crime and homelessness
  • Make fundamental changes to how City Hall operates

The change required starts and ends at City Hall which is created by you. So let’s put together a team of people who you trust to put their egos aside, sit down collaboratively as a group, and use their strengths to work together to create a vision and execute a plan to make Maple Ridge the type of city you deserve.

We need to get Maple Ridge back on track and headed in the right direction before it’s too late. Maple Ridge needs your vote on November 15th.

Let’s finish the change we’ve started!

Slogan signs from the 2011 Election

sign-v2 sign-v5 sign-v3
sign-v4 sign-v7 sign-v9
sign-v10 sign-v6 sign-v1

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