Change is in the wind…

October 28, 2011

A fresh spring breeze is about to liven up the municipal political scene in our beautiful Maple Ridge.

We all know Corisa Bell, she is the brave affable young wife and mother of two children that stood up front and centre for us in the fight against an unpopular HST and won, not only surprising a whole lot of people but making history in the British Commonwealth by doing so.

Regardless of your stance on the HST, you have to admire the political courage and freshness of someone willing to stand up for what they believe in.

I first met Corisa Bell in the fight against the HST and was immediately impressed by Corisa’s winning personality, boundless energy, drive and high moral standards that even stops her from taking campaign contributions from businesses, all because she does not want to owe someone that could become a conflict to her high ethical code.
Corisa is smart, attractive, articulate and not afraid to speak her mind, comfortable in a position of responsibility and wants more than anything to serve the people of Maple Ridge to the best of her ability, which we have already seen is quite considerable.

It is my opinion that Corisa would be a most valuable asset as a Maple Ridge councillor for the citizens of Maple Ridge.

In the coming weeks get out and meet Corisa or you can read her website and if you like what you see and hear, support her in the coming municipal elections.

I certainly know my X will be going next to Corisa Bell in the next municipal election and I expect great things out of Maple Ridge’s council because of that decision.

– Wayne Clark




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