Maple Ridge Park maintenance and capital upgrades

October 28, 2011

Corisa Bell for Maple Ridge Council
Question asked at the Maple Ridge All Candidates meeting in Fraserview where candidates, including Corisa Bell, addressed specific questions.

Preamble: Maple Ridge tax payers and certainly local seniors around Haney have donated time and money to local parks in the way of sponsoring trees and benches in the names of their departed loved ones. Yet some of the park pathways and sidewalks leading to them are very difficult to navigate for seniors and anyone with mobility issues. In Brickwood Park city staff spray painted the area where work should be done on the path, but this occurred many months ago. The paint is now fading and seniors are still hobbling over the broken up asphalt humps like they have been for years, without complaining. For all the talk city hall does about protecting citizens from liability there doesn’t seem to be much of a rush to ensure that pathways and sidewalks are useable for all members of our community, and if someone falls and breaks a bone or worse what kind of liability is the city then facing? These types of capital upgrades and maintenance take money and residential taxes are already too high and hurting resident’s means of living which means it is time to think outside of the box for park upgrades and maintenance.

Question: Given that residential tax dollars are stretched thin please explain why as a member of council you would, or would not support financial contributions to park maintenance and upgrades if it meant an advertising or marketing promotion from a private or public company?

I have a bench at Whonnock Lake in honour of my Great Grandparents. It’s one of my favorite places to go and sit and I would be devastated if I wasn’t able to get to it.

Unfortunately, as happens so often, it may take a serious injury and a lawsuit before prompt attention is given to such matters. I hope that I have the opportunity to make a difference before such a time.

The idea of corporate sponsorship is viable, but I would like to see other attempts at solving the issue before resorting to having my children ask to play at Coca–Cola park.

Our city officials – especially Parks and Rec – are very active in networking with community groups in order to achieve city objectives. I’ve been involved heavily with volunteerism in our community, and I’m sure with the right organizer we could work within our community to have much of this taken care of outside of city hall. You can even post your groups particular volunteer needs on a website created by Volunteer Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows. If for any reason this did not fully provide a solution to these upgrades, I would want to see priority given to local businesses and/or citizens with attempt to locate people and businesses whom are already invested in our community be given first priority in marketing promotion and ensure that any such implementation was done tastefully.

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