Maple Ridge Staff Salaries

October 28, 2011

Corisa Bell for Maple Ridge Council
Question asked at the Maple Ridge All Candidates meeting in Fraserview where candidates, including Corisa Bell, addressed specific questions.

Preamble: As it stands the sum of the top ten paid city hall employees is over 1.5 million dollars a year. This amount does not include benefits, pension contributions, the other 340 employees or consultants. The argument has been made that Maple Ridge must stay competitive when it comes to hiring but how does our city of 75,000 compete with Vancouver and Surrey, both of which have populations above 500,000 and a large business tax bases to support these higher salaries. Since Maple Ridge has a large population of seniors on fixed income and young families trying to get a start in life how can we afford the current level of salaries that are being handed out?

Question: Should there be a salary cap at Maple Ridge city hall for senior staff. If yes how will this be implemented, if no at what rate should salaries increase?

While I understand the need to be competitive, I don’t feel wage should be the primary factor in hiring. We need people in this city who are passionate about Maple Ridge, that are excited about what our city is doing, and who want to be a part of it. Maple Ridge is unique and can’t be treated and run in the same way someone hired may have done for Surrey or Vancouver.

With regard to wage increases, I feel that in general an increase with the rate of inflation is reasonable, but in tough economic times like these where we are having to be frugal, and politicians are telling us we don’t have enough money for services, they shouldn’t be giving themselves raises. I feel that gives people the impression that the government officials put themselves first. As a member of council I would put forward at our first meeting to strike the decision for the previous pay increase for council.

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