How I was able to afford my signs / Plan to assume council position full time

November 17, 2011

Since disclosing my campaign donors which amounted to just $2250.00, some people are asking how I’ve been able to afford a large number of signs in addition to my other campaign expenses.

Being elected to council the first time running is a difficult feat accomplished only a few times before. Mike Morden was able to accomplish this last election after receiving $11,540 in donations. Running against five incumbents, and seeing the amount of signs put up prior to Halloween, I knew I was going to have to campaign hard.

Signs have been an effective way for me to get my message and awareness out. I’ve been able to afford my signs for two reasons:

1) Fiscal Diligence
Having been involved in the Fight HST purchase of over 30,000 signs, I am aware of how low volume discounts can go, and was able to negotiate the absolute most competitive price possible.

2) Financial Ability
My husband and I run a successful e-commerce software company that boasts clients such as Telus.  I am fortunate to have the financial ability to self-finance my campaign.  I did not actively fund raise and rather accepted donations only from those who felt compelled to contribute.

That said, spending personal money to run for the first time in an election where 28 people are running for 6 positions, is a significant decision. I have chosen to do so because I am dedicated to representing the people of Maple Ridge. Having spoken to thousands upon thousands of residents and hundreds of businesses I understand the issues and challenges of our community and have chosen to run for council because I am dedicated to representing the people of Maple Ridge.

Our company is largely self-sufficient and I am not involved in most of the day-to-day operations.  This allows me the freedom to pursue my passion, that being improving the lives of others, my children, and the future of Maple Ridge.

If elected to council I intend to do so on a full-time basis.





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