Enjoyed the presentation at the K.E.E.P.S AGM tonight!

March 1, 2012

I am wondering if everyone knows about this amazing gem of a group in our community called K.E.E.P.S?

What a nice group of enthusiastic individuals that care about our streams, fish, forests and environment.

In 2011 K.E.E.P.S broke its record for visitors totalling 4,140 people!  The stories behind who visits made me say wow.  For example, groups from Walnut Grove actually CANOE over the river to go for a tour!  How great is that?!

This group has run out of an old sheep barn that has now been deemed condemned. They are building a new facility worth 1.4 Million dollars and have already secured about half of those funds.  Amazing they are!  With that being said they still have half way to go and are still looking for connections within the community and donations of all amounts.  In kind donations welcome!

They are always looking to broaden their volunteer base and would be thrilled to get more families involved.  If you love nature, spending time as a family volunteering for this group might be a great match.

On April 29th a great event “Goodbye Chum” will be taking place.  This is an annual event and  I could tell how much this group loves putting on this event when comparing seeing Salmon up close to being like Christmas.  A long time volunteer also talked about how special it is when you see multi-generations coming out to the event together because the Dad had released the salmon when he was a kid and now he is passing down the tradition and doing it together as a family.

I really enjoyed the meeting tonight, it was a pleasure.





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