Interesting article about Gen Y and Helicopter Parents.

March 2, 2012

Even though I don’t agree with absolutely everything said in this article I agree with its sentiments.  Reading the concept of letting your children fail reminded me of when Rhyly was in grade 4.  We were called into the school by her teacher to talk about her latest project.  The teacher showed us Rhyly’s project it was very obvious she had put a lot of effort into it, it was full of colour, great drawings, neat printing and even full of sparkles.  Her father and I were beaming. Then the teacher handed us the criteria for the project and Rhyly had only hit maybe one or two of the actual criteria set.  Well what could I say, I was thinking “yikes.”  The teacher then said the reason she asked us to come in is because she wasn’t sure how to mark Rhyly’s work.  I was confused and didn’t understand the question.  I told her it was obvious she put a lot of effort into her project but she didn’t follow the directions.  The teacher told me I wasn’t being very helpful and she point blank asked if we thought she should fail Rhyly or just give her a mark to fit in with the rest of the class.  I couldn’t believe I was being asked this by a teacher.  I told her  that I would mark her based on the criteria why wouldn’t  you?  She didn’t want Rhyly to feel bad.  I told her I fully supported her marking Rhyly just like all the other kids and that I would expect Rhyly would learn from the experience.  When Rhyly got her mark she got 83%!!!  Do we have helicopter teachers as well?  What are your thoughts about this article?




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