Next Coffee morning with Councillor Corisa Bell April 20th – denied advertising through District

April 12, 2012

I am really looking forward to the next meeting which will be on April 20th 10-12pm at Cafe Beans in Haney Place Mall.  I would really appreciate help spreading the word about the ongoing meetings.  I asked the District to help promote the coffee mornings which I invited the other Councillors/Mayor to join in and I have been denied.  I can’t afford to advertise in the paper each week so I thought putting a SENTENCE about it in our already existing Newsletter, “This Week” in the newspaper, or on the District website would be appropriate. These are forms of promotion that are already existing it would not create any additional cost to the tax payer.  I was denied so therefore the only way to promote is through social media and word of mouth.

Thank you for supporting me, and your continued support for democracy!


Corisa Bell







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