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Surviving a busy time on transit – 5 handy hints for surviving the Post-Labour-Day Crunch

September 3, 2012 at 1:39 pm | Blog
Surviving a busy time on transit
5 handy hints for surviving the Post-Labour-Day Crunch
The day after Labour Day marks the start of the busiest time of the year for public transportation. With more workers back from summer holidays and students all going at the same time until schedules are set and their travel patterns are spread out, the Post Labour Day Crunch can be an added but unavoidable stress.
If it seems the transit system is more crowded than in past years, you’re probably right. Even though TransLink could not increase service hours, the system still moved 5.5 per cent more riders in 2011 over 2010 and the trend is continuing this year. So a few handy hints should make the ‘PLDC’ a bit more survivable.
1.       Have your ticket ready for inspection – Fare evasion is just as illegal as it’s ever been, but as of September 4, TransLink has greater powers to go after people who try to cadge a free ride. Transit Police and Transit Security both have ticket-writing authority and the fines escalate:
a.       Initial fine: $173.00
b.      If unpaid after 180 days: $213.00
c.       If unpaid after 1 year: $273.00
d.      ICBC may also refuse to renew your car insurance or driver’s license
e.      Unpaid fines may be referred to a collection agency
Save yourself a lot of money and hassle: pay your fare like the vast majority of our customers. For more information on the new procedures, please visit:
2.       Adjust your personal commute – Can you change your starting time? By travelling outside the “traditional” rush hours – generally 7:30-8:30am and 4:30-6pm, you can avoid the peak-of-the-peak travel times. That’s particularly true on West Coast Express, where ridership tends to drop considerably in the summer, only to surge again in the fall. Keep in mind that trains, station parking lots and lineups for ticket vending machines will all be more crowded.
3.       Mind your manners – There’s no avoiding it: your trip will be more crowded in the first few weeks of September, but crowded conditions can be a lot easier to take if we all observe proper etiquette:
a.      Remember who gets the good seats – seats nearest the entrance doors should be left for seniors and persons with disabilities. 
b.      Step back from the doors – when boarding, let passengers get off first; on the buses, move right to the back until you get close to your stop.
Find more tips on etiquette on transit at:
4.       Park and Rides – More and more people are choosing transit and using a park and ride to make the connection – and that’s good. But once a park and ride is full, it’s full. Illegally parked vehicles at South Surrey Park and Ride will be towed; West Coast Express customers should remember that lots at those stations fill up quickly, too. Try to get there early, or get together with some neighbours and carpool to the park-and-ride.
5.       Get social! – get connected through TransLink’s award-winning social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter (@translink), as well as our mobile real-time transit information website, http://m.translink.caYou can also find out when the next bus leaves a given stop in real time (text the 5-digit bus stop number to 33333).
More information can be found at 604-953-3333 or online at

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