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TransLink finalizes plans to optimize bus service in late 2013 – Your voice heard!

March 2, 2013 at 9:02 pm | Blog
TransLink finalizes plans to optimize bus service in late 2013
VANCOUVER – After extensive public consultation, TransLink has finalized changes planned for more than 30 bus routes across the region, to make the best use of existing transit resources.
“With the public’s help, we’re changing some bus service to better match travel demand, and make our system more efficient while meeting the needs of our communities,” says Doug Kelsey, Chief Operating Officer at TransLink. “It’s all part of TransLink’s commitment to optimize the services we provide, and do even more with what we have.”
The changes, which are slated for implementation in late 2013 to early 2014, are part of TransLink’s ongoing program of service optimization. The program aims to move service to where it is needed most and make the best use of limited funds. Details of all changes and feedback can be found in the consultation summary available now at
For 2013, staff proposed changes to 34 routes. The public weighed in through 11 open houses and an online questionnaire in November and December 2012. More than 800 comments were gathered on all aspects of the proposals.
Based on feedback from the public, several proposals were revised, including:
·         C1/C2 – an alternate proposal was developed in consultation with community groups in Burnaby Heights, retaining the current route and reducing frequencies during off-peak periods only.
·         211 – with a range of feedback raised over the proposed removal of the Fairway Drive loop, TransLink has chosen to retain the existing route instead.
·         C48 & C49 – a revised proposal was created to ensure service coverage in Thornhill, Ruskin and Whonnock is maintained, leaving the C49 unchanged and improving the usefulness of the C48 with a connection to West Coast Express and extension via McClure Drive in Albion.
In recent years, TransLink’s service optimization program has returned successful results: in 2011, the program helped TransLink provide 14 million new rides without added investment in service, increasing bus productivity by 3.1 per cent and generating a 5.5 per cent increase in transit revenue.

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