Citizens Against Urban Sprawl Society

July 4, 2013

[fb_import_img url=”” ] In Chambers 7 pm TONIGHT!

Cinema Politica Ridge Meadows is pleased to partner with Mission based Citizens Against Urban Sprawl Society (CAUSS) for this screening. This non-profit society is made up of citizens dedicated to preserving critical environmentally significant and sensitive natural areas in Mission, British Columbia.
Part of their mission is the protection of streams, wetlands and groundwater aquifers critical to the preservation of our iconic wild salmon population. Their website is:

Salmon Confidential is a new film on the government cover up of what is killing BC’s wild salmon. When biologist Alexandra Morton discovers BC’s wild salmon are testing positive for dangerous European salmon viruses associated with salmon farming worldwide, a chain of events is set off by government to suppress the findings. Tracking viruses, Morton moves from courtrooms, into British Columbia’s most remote rivers, Vancouver grocery stores and sushi restaurants. The film documents Morton’s journey as she attempts to overcome government and industry roadblocks thrown in her path and works to bring critical information to the public in time to save BC’s wild salmon.

This film provides surprising insight into the inner workings of government agencies, as well as rare footage of the bureaucrats tasked with managing our fish and the safety of our food supply. The film’s website is:

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