Clarifying the initiation of lawyer involvement in withholding the public video

July 5, 2013

In reading the recent article in the Maple Ridge Times, “Lawyer views comment,” I got the impression that the District lawyers happened to hear my comments and took the initiative to let the District know my comments were “serious.”  In the interest of transparency, I wanted to make a point of clarification as to how the District lawyer became involved by making mention to a letter I received from the Office of the Mayor, signed respectfully by Ernie Daykin.

Mr. Daykin stated:

“Legal counsel was requested to review the video of this meeting to provide an opinion on whether any of the comments made by you during the meeting could be considered defamatory…”

Click here to view the Letter.
(Please note that I have blocked out information not directly pertaining to the
lawyer involvement and information pertaining to my HR claim.)

As the city has not yet responded to my question pertaining to what legal rights or protection I have as a Councillor, I informed the District and the Mayor not to correspond with me on anything I was unable to share with the public.  I trust that Mayor Daykin is ok with my sharing this clarification with you.




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