Today’s paper – Councillors at odds over gala ticket.

January 24, 2014

Hello Everyone!

I am disappointed with Councillor Cheryl Ashlie (I have confirmed this) for going to the papers about this in order make my life difficult. I have demonstrated consistently that I act in a complete transparent manner and I love when the public asks me questions about anything but especially my choices as an elected official because that means they are engaged. I have been saying for two years, “The biggest problem in Politics is Politics.” I went to this Gala as Councillor Bell, and was introduced as Councillor Bell. When I went to what was a very productive meeting with the school yesterday, I wasn’t there as Corisa Bell I was there as Councillor Bell and I signed in as such. Living in a small community being as involved as I am, I wear many, many hats. Does this perspective also mean I should stop all the volunteering I do? Many of the organizations I have spent years volunteering for receive District funding. That could be perceived negatively as well. I will continue to to think through my decisions very carefully and will only make decisions that I believe are good and beneficial choices on behalf of our community.

After you read the article I am interested in any discussion and of course if you have questions that is what I am here for!!





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