First ever Candidate Boot Camp in Maple Ridge

July 11, 2014

Maple Ridge Councillors Bob Masse and Corisa Bell are bringing something new to Maple Ridge for the upcoming November election. “I had read that in Ontario some Councillors put on a Boot Camp, especially for ladies who want to run for Council, and that it was a big success. Councillor Bell and I talked about it and decided we could do something similar here, but open it up to everyone interested in running.” Says Masse.

Their idea is to make it a fun, interactive and informative evening, where all the candidates can meet to share and learn some tips, facts and strategies they might like to have to run in November. “We figure that we’re all in this together, so why not make it as pleasant and productive a campaign period as possible?” The meeting, (Not a District of Maple Ridge function) will be held at Chances Gaming Centre’s Board room, 7-8:30 pm July 24th, and will be primarily for anyone running for Mayor or Council in Maple Ridge. Everyone is welcome, from people running for the first time to any incumbents who may be interested in joining in. “We’re planning an interactive session, covering a broad range of topics, from campaign strategies, stress management, media, advertising, campaign finance realities, identifying the relevant issues, all candidates meetings and more.”

The tone will be positive and non-partisan. Having both ran for office for the first time 3 years ago, Bell and Masse say that it can be a scary, confusing and an uncertain process. For example, “Just trying to convey your message, in 2 minutes, at a crowded All Candidates Meeting is actually kind of frightening.” “New candidates will have some great ideas and real contributions to make, but may not know how to get their message across in a crowded field or amongst a sea of other candidates.” says Corisa. Our objective is to help make the election campaign period a more positive exchange of thoughts and ideas, where all the candidates can discuss and debate the issues in a positive manor. There is no charge for participating, but those interested in attending need to register by email, by July 15th, to: or

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